I contacted Craig Bartels and The Indianapolis Fast Cash Offer Team in a desperate hope to sell our home as soon as possible.

Their team made us an offer within hours and closed in 7 days! The Indianapolis Fast Cash Offer Team has lived up to their

promise. Thank you for your help! I recommend their services to anyone that is needing to sell their home quickly in the

Indianapolis or surrounding area!

Jeff-Indianapolis area


I wanted to write this quick testimonial letting you know the results I had with selling my home quickly! My name is Julie.

I was in a divorce situation and needed to sell my home quickly for cash. Craig and his team works with many investors and he

was able to get me and my ex-husband the cash we needed quickly. Craig, thank you so much for your help and I am so blessed

to have found you and your team.

Julie-Carmel area


Hi, my name is George. I had a couple of investment properties that I owned with no mortgages. Because of some medical

and financial issues, I needed to sell this home quickly to generate the cash I needed to pay off my medical bills. Craig and

the Indianapolis Fast Cash Offer team contacted me immediately. He was able to get my home sold to an investor in less then

a week and I had my cash in my pocket and the property sold in less then 3 weeks. I couldn’t have been happier with the service

he provides. I would recommend Craig to anyone that needs to sell their home or investment properly quickly.

Thanks again Craig for your help. You can use this testimonial as you see fit.

George-Indianapolis area


Craig with the Indianapolis Fast Cash Offer team saved me from so much heartache! I had to move out of state for a job transfer and needed to sell my home quickly. I filled out the form online and he called me back within minutes on an action plan to get my home sold fast and the cash in my pocket quickly. It took less then 30 days and I had my $150,000 cash from closing and was on my way to my new life out of state. Thanks so much Craig for all your help and assistance.

Frank-Indianapolis area


I called Craig when I saw his advertisement on the internet. I had my home listed for sale for 6 months and was not able to sell it. I owed more then it was worth. Craig was able to successfully list my home as a short sale and sell my property at no cost to me and I was able to walk away from the closing owing nothing to my bank. The bank forgave the difference! I couldn’t be happier with the results working with Craig and the Indianapolis Fast Cash Offer team.

Devon-Carmel area


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