Reviews on fasthomeoffer

Posted by Craig Bartels August - 30 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

Reviews on FastHomeOffer

I get many calls and emails every week from sellers that are looking to sell, but are worried that the company making the offer could be a scam. I thought I would write this quick little blog post to address these issues on reviews on fasthomeoffer programs that my company offers.

There is indeed many investors offering to purchase your home for cash, but they may be a scam and you need to make sure they have the ethics to make things a win/win situation.

When you work with, you are working with a group of professionals that have been in real estate with over 50 years of collective real estate experience. You will be working with someone that has a real estate license that has the experince and knowledge to make sure your transaction goes smoothly. All transactions are handled by reputable title companys in the Indianapolis area. We work with only two title companies and both are national title companies with hundreds of locations.

We also want to make sure that any transaction is a win/win for all parties involved. We are flexible in how we work and can structure offers that match with what you, the seller, is looking for.

To recap, here is the main things to look for with reviews on fasthomeoffer.

1)Make sure the investor is reputable and can provide references if you request them.
2)The best situation is to work with an investor that holds a real estate license. Someone that is licensed has the training and many times a higher regard/ethics then someone without a license..Someone with a license has something to lose if things don’t go well, their real estate license!!
3)Make sure all transactions are settled at a reputable title company. You should never sell a home without a title company invovled. The title company is a 3rd party provider that does not give preference to one party or the other. All monies would be wired directly to the title company and dispursed after all required documents are signed. All documents would be recorded properly with the local government to transfer title. Do not sell a home without using a title company, insist on this!

If you are looking to sell, make sure to click the links at the top of this site and submit your home information. Make sure to also view the video testimonials from happy satisfied clients!

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