Stop Foreclosure and Save Your Credit

Are you facing foreclosure?

Medical expenses, the loss of a job and other life-altering occurrences can happen to anyone, causing you to fall behind in our loan payments. If you stop paying your credit cards it hurts your credit rating, but if you stop paying your home loan the situation is even worse, because the lender can foreclose, taking ownership your home.

Are you behind in your payments?

We can help!

Indianapolis Fast Cash Offers is a local Indianapolis based network of real estate investors who can purchase property for cash, preventing the bank from foreclosing. Not only will this stop the foreclosure process, it will save your credit and you may even be able to receive cash back at closing. Our investors can negotiate with your bank to stop the foreclosure process immediately and give you time to work something out! Simply fill out our stop foreclosure form and someone will contact you with a solution to your problem!

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